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Projects I've worked on

bundle-js (link, or view on GitHub)
    An npm package that "bundles" separate JavaScript files into a single output file. You can create a custom dependency structure between the JavaScript files and they will be concatenated in order of their dependencies.

soundtransfer (view on GitHub)
    An iOS app that transfers byte-data (text / bitmap images) between two devices using only the speakers and microphone. My contribution to this project was the bit-manipulation and sound encoding/decoding in the backend - written in C.

Piet interpreter (view on GitHub)
    A (mostly working) interpreter for Piet written in Python

Telephone Pictionary (view on GitHub)
    An cross-platform party game that combines Pictionary with the confusion of Telephone. Won "Most Technical Hack" at DerbyHacks 2016 in Louisville, KY. I built the server that manages the current gameplay state and sends text/images between the client devices - written in Javascript.

color-picker (view live or view on GitHub)
    A simple webpage that lets you drag the individual values of each color channel to find the perfect color; written in JavaScript